Horses taught me this

???????????????????????????????Relationship. With people, with nature, with animals. At work, in play, in love. Step-parenting, being an auntie, a best friend, a lover. The give and take of quiet communication, where things are ‘said’ through actions not words. Forcing closeness at the wrong time elicits a moving away from the other at best, a nip or show of flattened ears when more is needed. And yes, I have been bitten in the back, the arm, stepped on and even kicked when I’ve pushed my own relationship agenda on a horse. I’ve received human versions of the above as well–haven’t you? With the human version comes anger and blame of other, and sometimes that’s my first reaction with a horse, too. But with a horse we come to the uncharged realization sooner, usually, than with a human that they are simply communicating their boundaries. Their level of trust–or distrust–with a situation.  Naturally as we develop trust with a horse over time–our trust of them, but also their trust of us–we come to see & sense how they feel in relationship to us. Without trying per se, our perception of harmony–and dis-harmony–becomes honed. Some call it a sixth sense, and really it is, because it is not exclusively any of the five other senses but a combination of them with a sprinkling of something more as well. So the challenge and opportunity becomes: can I take this sense of what creates and obstructs shared harmony into my human relationships? Because really, if the understanding stops with horses can I really call it true understanding? To be able to spend time around horses is such a blessing, such a rare opportunity that few in the world get to know.  Can I bring what I learn about harmony, about relationship, about not forcing my agenda on others back into this bigger world which so desperately needs more harmony, trust, peace, understanding and friendship? Often there are setbacks in my quest for harmony in my human relationships, but just as with the horses that have bit, stepped on and kicked me, I know the beauty that awaits within true harmony is well worth the journey of getting there.