At the base of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, just east of the Continental Divide sits a piece of land which has been home to horses for many years. Unique spring-fed meadows at 8,800 feet elevation bring sweet grasses into full growth at the height of each summer. Bordering the spring-fed meadows are aspen trees, also thriving in the rare high elevation moisture. A small herd of five horses lives through the cycles of the season here. They live close to the rhythms of nature, sometimes sharing their pastures with elk and moose. Sharing their companionship with one another and the humans who inhabit this space with them.

This little slice of heaven is not too far from Denver, and closer yet to Boulder. The sprawl of the Front Range is just 14 miles east–and a world away. In 2011 two families began working together with a common vision to maintain the land as close as possible to it’s historic use. Little by little fences will be upgraded, pastures will be put into sustainable rotational grazing patterns and  visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty and feel of this open space at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.